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cancer patients

Good quality travel insurance is sensible for people of all walks of life to protect them against the unpredictable nature of travel, but what happens when you suffer from a terminal illness such as cancer? At Insure for All we believe that everyone should have a chance to travel and offer coverage that includes benefits for cancer suffers too.

There are around 889 new cases of cancer diagnosed every day in the UK* and every person that suffers from the illness will have their own medical requirements which makes getting  travel insurance and a reasonable quote difficult sometimes. Insure for All treats everyone on a case-by-case basis, and can provide you with a quote quickly and easily.  Find out more about cover for:

Instead of travelling without cover, Insure for All offers an alternative. Our approach is to provide a straight-forward service that customers can trust, with strong benefits and competitive pricing. We understand that most people prefer to go on holiday with some travel cover tucked away; it’s always reassuring in case of accidents or if valuables go missing. It is of course important to anyone who has medical conditions as well, such as being diagnosed and treated for cancer.

Often cover for cancer sufferers can be saddled with much higher premiums because the insurance company has generally tried to accommodate a wide range of people, but we prefer to cover only those we can and we would not even pretend that we can insure everyone.

It's simple to find out if you can be covered, get an online quote and as part of the quote you’ll be asked to fill in a few simple questions about your medical condition. We can tell you there and then if your condition can be covered, so why not get a quote today!

*Source: Cancer Research UK, based on 2010 figures, published April 2013.

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