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breast cancer patients

If you are looking for travel insurance as a breast cancer sufferer, it can be as difficult to find the right cover as it is easy to be put off by high prices.

Figures released by Cancer Research UK indicates that breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the UK with around 50,000 new cases per annum. This is despite the fact that it is rarely found in men.

Insurers will sometimes try and include as many patients as they can with such cover. Whilst it is good to be inclusive, in practice this means everyone covered has to pay a very high premium for those who might be in a worse medical condition than themselves.

With Insure for All our approach is different. We offer a straight forward, high quality service and we are open about not being able to cover everybody who contacts us. If you call our enquiry line, we will ask you a few, simple questions with the aim of offering you a quote. We have trained medical professionals on our staff, if we need them, and we are all focussed on providing an unfussy, helpful service.

Cover is brought to you by Astrenska, insurance specialists with a world-class reputation for travel insurance. So you can travel with the reassurance that you have good benefits for personal accident, medical cover and lost passport/cash behind you.

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