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Benefits available for people with diabetes. Quality insurance at the right price.

Figures available from the NHS indicate that almost 3 million people in the UK are affected by diabetes. They also estimate that there could be as many as 850,000 with the condition but have not had it diagnosed. There are two main types of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes occurs when the body does not produce any insulin, type 2 is where the body doesn't produce enough insulin or the body's cell don't react to it. Type 2 is by far the most common, with around 90% of all adults diagnosed with this type of diabetes.

In most cases it's certainly no barrier to enjoying everyday life. If you are planning a special holiday, or perhaps you have to travel for work, no doubt you will want some travel insurance in case of mishaps.

Insure for All offers specialist cover, meaning people with different medical conditions are not assigned the same premium rate. We will give you an individual quotation, so you won't be paying for cover you don't need.

Get a hassle-free quote online or call our customer quote line on 0800 082 1265 and speak to one of our helpful team members. However you choose to get a quote you'll be asked some straight-forward questions about your medical condition and then provided with a personalised quotation. We are backed by a specialist insurer, so you can be sure on price AND quality.

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