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heart related conditions

Living with a heart condition is difficult enough, we'll try to make travel insurance easy.

Figures available from the NHS estimate that around 30% of people have high blood pressure, with many of the people affected unaware they even have a problem. They also indicate that around 2.7m are living with coronory heart disease with angina being the most common symptom, affecting around 2m of those.

Many people still go on holiday whilst being treated for a medical condition, sometimes even on doctors orders to aid recuperation. Travel is something that most of us love to do, and can be even more rewarding if we are going through a difficult time. If you are receiving treatment for high blood pressure or other, heart related medical conditions, arranging travel insurance is not always easy. Some providers will not cover people with a history of heart problems, or they will quote sky high premiums.

Insure for All offers a straight-talking product with an emphasis on keeping things simple.

We don't promise to cover every situation. What we can promise though are the very highest standards of customer service. By calling us on 0800 082 1265, you will be connected to our dedicated enquiry line. We look to provide you with a quote within minutes, and we have trained medical professionals on hand, if required. Alternatively, you can get a quote online where you'll save 10% on the standard policy. You will also get an immediate decision regarding your medical condition by using our integrated, easy to use, screening system.

This travel insurance comes from insurance specialists, Astrenska, who have a reputation for enabling protection and individual care for different customers, including senior citizens and those travelling with medical conditions. So you can expect reassuring levels of cover for medical treatment, lost property/cash and against cancellation of the trip.

Whether you have previously had a heart attack, or have been treated for heart related diseases, there is the real possibility of getting travel cover from Insure for All. We have been established to be as inclusive as possible and we think you’ll find our rates competitive too.

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